Best Travel Vlogs You Should Be Watching


There aren’t a ton of travel YouTubers out there yet, it still seems to be a rather small, niche market.  But there are a couple good ones that are starting to blossom, and I highly recommend checking them out for travel tips and some really great eye candy.  Plus, they can give you tons of trip ideas to add to your travel bucket list!

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How to Use the Couchsurfing Website


I came across the Couchsurfing website many moons ago…well actually it was about a year ago.  But in that time, I’ve seen the site utilized in many different ways — many more than it’s title might suggest.  Yes, it can be used to sleep on generous stranger’s couches, but it also has so many other functions even if you aren’t comfortable sleeping on someone’s couch!  Here are a few useful ways to utilize Couchsurfing and it’s community… Continue reading