St. Christopher’s Inn in Paris Review

st. christopher's inn

After a brief stint in a hostel that was not my cup of tea, I transferred to St. Christopher’s Inn (159 Rue Crimee) for the rest of my trip.  From the moment I walked in the doors, I knew this hostel was going to be a much better fit for me.   Continue reading


Peace & Love Hostel in Paris Review

peace & love hostel

So I didn’t really get off to a good start at this hostel.  First of all, I had just left my Barcelona vacation romance guy behind, there was super bad turbulence on the flight from Barcelona to Paris, and lastly it was completely pouring when I arrived in Paris and I had accidentally left my umbrella on the shuttle bus.   Continue reading

Are the French Really Unfriendly?


I was a little nervous when I first arrived in Paris, after years of hearing stories of the French (namely Parisians) being unfriendly to tourists.  I would walk in circles, starving, before I finally wound up the courage to go into a cafe and order a sandwich.  I was nervous that I would make a fool of myself since I couldn’t speak the language and they would turn their noses up at me.

Continue reading