Peace & Love Hostel in Paris Review

peace & love hostel

So I didn’t really get off to a good start at this hostel.  First of all, I had just left my Barcelona vacation romance guy behind, there was super bad turbulence on the flight from Barcelona to Paris, and lastly it was completely pouring when I arrived in Paris and I had accidentally left my umbrella on the shuttle bus.   Continue reading


How to Spend 1 Fabulous Night in Vegas


I am a big fan of the 1 night in Vegas trip.  Since I like to go really hard, it’s good to just do one night and then head home!  I’ve always lived by the “go big or go home” motto, so every night I spend there, I would want to make epic.  I am also of the mindset that if you go for two nights, you’re always going to compare the two and one is is always going to seem better than the other.  Having only 1 night means you have nothing to compare it to and that 1 night will just be considered awesome.  Living in LA also helps make it an easy 1 night trip…drive down on Saturday, but up Sunday.  Anyways, here are my tips for a fabulous night in Vegas….   Continue reading

How to Travel Solo But Never Alone


I may travel solo, but I guarantee you—I’m rarely alone, and if I am, it is usually because I want some “me” time.  Each trip I go on, I come home with more new friends and shared experiences.  I may be boarding the plane alone, but from the moment I sit down in 22B—I’m busy making new friends…some of which often turn into life long friends.  For those of you itching to travel alone, but worried about getting lonely, here are a few ideas… Continue reading

How to Pack for a Hostel


I am a big lover of staying in hostels…I’m already lamenting the day when I’m too old to stay in them!!  But for those who have never stayed in one before, it certainly can be a unique experience.  There are certain items that we’ve grown accustomed to having access to in hotels that hostels often lack.  It’s a more roughing-it sort of environment, and requires a slightly different packing list.  Thus, here are a few items that I never leave home without when planning for the hostel life…. Continue reading

Are the French Really Unfriendly?


I was a little nervous when I first arrived in Paris, after years of hearing stories of the French (namely Parisians) being unfriendly to tourists.  I would walk in circles, starving, before I finally wound up the courage to go into a cafe and order a sandwich.  I was nervous that I would make a fool of myself since I couldn’t speak the language and they would turn their noses up at me.

Continue reading

How to Use the Couchsurfing Website


I came across the Couchsurfing website many moons ago…well actually it was about a year ago.  But in that time, I’ve seen the site utilized in many different ways — many more than it’s title might suggest.  Yes, it can be used to sleep on generous stranger’s couches, but it also has so many other functions even if you aren’t comfortable sleeping on someone’s couch!  Here are a few useful ways to utilize Couchsurfing and it’s community… Continue reading