6 Things You Can’t Miss in Medellin


Medellin is a beautiful city and unlike any other I’ve been to.  It was my first stop in Colombia and I didn’t pack our schedule as tightly as I sometimes do, so we were able to soak in the city a little more….really sample the cuisine and get a feel for the culture and people.  But here are a few things I’d recommend to anyone traveling to Medellin.


Paragliding – It might be a touch ironic that I have this on the list, as we didn’t actually end up being able to paraglide.  We paid and got to the hill and it started pouring.  But even just sitting on the hill awaiting our turns, the views were absolutely stunning and one of the highlights of our time there.


Guatape (& Pueblitos) – Guatape is a darling little town that is an aesthetic treat to travelers.  It’s known for it’s colorful buildings and picturesque quality. Our tour group took us on a boat ride along the river which was very peaceful and nice as well.  There are many little shops and restaurants for you to explore and hang out in.

La Piedra Del Peñol – This is technically outside of the city of Medellin, but it’s close enough to so I’m including it with my recommendations.  It is a large rock that you can climb to the top to (I think there were about 750 steps) and witness the most incredible views from.


Learn to Salsa – While Cali may be the salsa capital, Medellin has some great options for lessons as well.  As I always say, do the thing you’re supposed to do in the place you’re supposed to do it.  And salsa is definitely a must do for any trip to Colombia!


Hit the clubs – There is a particularly vibrant nightlife scene in Medellin.  Everyone hangs out in the parks and squares and then finds their way to the clubs.  Inside, you’ll meet plenty of locals anxious to teach you how to salsa – everyone is very friendly.  I love dancing so their clubs were especially fun to me!


Hang out in parks and plazas – There are many beautiful parks and plazas to explore throughout Medellin.  These are wonderful places to bring a book to, settle down with a cup of fabulous Colombian coffee, and just people watch.


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