Full Moon Survival Tips!


Being the bookworm that I am and positively addicted to travel blogs, I read up on Koh Phangan’s Full Moon parties as much as I could before embarking on my trip. But now, having experienced it, I’m not sure there is anything that can fully prepare you for the shock and wildness of Koh Phangan’s beach parties. However, I do think there are ways to set yourself up to have as successful of a beach experience as possible. Here are my tips and ideas on how to have the best full moon party ever. Continue reading


The Full Moon Party Experience


On my first trip to Thailand, I didn’t make it to a Full Moon party…but from all the other travelers I talked to, this seemed to be a can’t-miss-once-in-a-lifetime experience. I wasn’t going to miss out on that during my second trip to Southeast Asia. It may be an 18-year-old infested party of animalistic and hedonistic activity, but it still felt like something I had to try at least once. And since my trip overlapped with New Years Eve, I got to experience not one, but two parties within a 7 day period – I believe this is the only time of year that two parties occur back to back like this. Although if you count the plethora of Full Moon spin-off parties (Half Moon, Black Moon, etc), I suppose one could argue my point.

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