Circus Hostel in Berlin Review


Circus Hostel in Berlin is definitely one of the nicest ones I’ve stayed in.  While the lobby is a bit small, there is a cute little coffee shop attached as well and bar downstairs.  The coffee shop served simple but tasty sandwiches and pastries, as well as an assortment of coffees and teas.  There is a little patio in the front in which people would use to smoke.  

Upstairs, you’ll enter the hallways to the dorms, which are colorful and feel a bit like an upscale college dorm.  The rooms are equipped with wifi, outlets, and lock boxes.  I slept pretty well in the bed.  It was comfortable and clean.  I stayed in a four man but the single looked really nice as well (I caught a glimpse into one at one point).

circus hostel room

One of the downsides is that there is only one elevator and you can’t use the stairs to get up.  So I would occasionally have to wait a long time for the elevator.  Getting down, you can take the stairs, but it will lead you straight out of the building (i.e. you can’t get from the stairs to the lobby without going outside and coming back in the front door).  So the design of that was a little odd.

circus hostel

Since the lobby / common area is so small, the hostel didn’t lend itself to making new friends quite as easily as other places I’ve stayed in.  Although the few friends I did meet, I really liked.  There were some group tours that left from the hostel and that turned out to be a good way to meet fellow travelers as well, so I recommend those.  The hostel didn’t operate these tours.  But they also have outings each night to places around town, unfortunately I never got a chance to attend any of them, but some of them sounded fun.


Circus Hostel is located in the Mitte district with lots of things that you can walk to.  And it is literally right outside of the metro station so it’s super convenient for site seeing and getting around.

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