St. Christopher’s Inn in Paris Review

st. christopher's inn

After a brief stint in a hostel that was not my cup of tea, I transferred to St. Christopher’s Inn (159 Rue Crimee) for the rest of my trip.  From the moment I walked in the doors, I knew this hostel was going to be a much better fit for me.  

First of all, there is a large bar and restaurant immediately to the left of reception and a common room with computers, wifi, and a TV to the right.  The openness of the downstairs space, made it very easy to meet people.  There was always someone getting a bite to eat or playing pool or writing home.  Downstairs there was a small “nightclub” that had a DJ and dance floor.  They refer to it as a “nightclub” but it is a bit small in my book to actually consider it that.  Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun the one night I went down there.  So not bashing the space itself, but the term!

st christopher's

The bar seemed to attract a lot of non-hostel patrons as well, which was cool because it meant meeting and befriending local Parisians!  There is a really great young Parisian named Lucie who frequents the hostel as a place to hang out and meet new travellers.  She is barely out of school and a total doll; she was always ready to help you with Paris suggestions or your French skills!

The staff at the bar was really great as well.  They were really helpful and helped me find another room on a night when the hostel was booked.  In addition, they were great with suggesting new places to go eat and visit.

st. christopher's inn room

The rooms were clean and cute.  I stayed in a six-person room, where there were 3 sets of bunk beds against one wall.  Each bunk had a little curtain that you could draw for privacy, which I really liked.  There were also outlets in each of the bunk beds, so you could plug in your electronics right by you at night.  Underneath the beds, there were lockers on wheels that you could roll out to store your stuff and then neatly tuck away.

st. christophers location

The location is great as well.  While it isn’t walkable to sites, it is only a few minute walk to two different metros.  So I was able to get around super easily and quickly!

The only down side is that there seemed to be a mosquito problem (hopefully not bed bugs) when I was there.  For several nights, I would wake up with huge red bug bites on my legs.  It took weeks for them to go away when I finally came home.  The front desk gave me bug spray, but it didn’t seem to help entirely.

But apart from that, I had a really great stay at St. Christopher’s.  It’s a nice hostel with friendly staff, a great social atmosphere and convenient location.

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Also, just on a random side note… St. Christopher’s has hostels all over Europe and puts out a great little travel newsletter.  I recommend checking out their travel tips and joining their mailing list!


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